Don’t Look DOWN!

Our daughter learned how to ride her new bicycle yesterday. When you pray for Jesus’s eyes to see, you can’t help but see everything through the glasses He gives you.
My husband did something new with her. He first took the pedals off and had her scoot on the bike. Then he told her to try to scoot and lift off her feet so she could learn to balance the bike. Then, the next day, he put the pedals back on.

In the picture above, he was doing the thing that parents all over the world do, he was holding on and encouraging her to pedal. He kept saying “Don’t  look down, sweetie.”

Here’s where my Jesus glasses came into play. God, the Father, has said that to me before… In fact, I know He says that a lot to me! Just like my daughter, every time I look down or worse, at myself, I get wobbly and lose my balance. When I look up, I find the correct alignment for my life.

The neat thing is that even when I fall down, I’m not devastated because I know my Father is right behind me, cheering me on and encouraging me to look up.

Psalm 34:5 says those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed

When we look around at the world, we see darkness and confusion. In fact, you don’t have to go further than the news to see that.

When you look up to The Lord the Bible promises you His light, His joy and His peace.

Like riding a bike, in life, you’ve got to keep moving forward, keep your balance and look up.


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