FOR AUTHOR RESUME:   Author Resume- Mona Sabah Earnest

FOR CORPORATE TRAINING RESUME:     Corporate Bio_ Mona Sabah Earnest

My hometown is in the outskirts of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I was born in the Middle East and spent my childhood in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates  and lived a year in Europe. I went to school in Pakistan and finally moved to the United States when I was ten. My father (an Engineer and an avid traveler) moved our family to the West Coast within the year.

After college, I landed a much coveted job for the Campbell Soup Company in Sacramento. With Campbell Soup’s encouragement, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Human Resources Organization Development (MHROD). Campbell’s rewarded my achievement by promoting me to several management positions within Human Resources, ending with Sr.Manager – Training and Employee Development. I was responsible for all plant activities that involve training, employee development. I have  worked for large and small organizations all over California & Oklahoma, including Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Sonic Corporation, Oklahoma State University, UCO, Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits, and DHS, as well as many other organizations & State Agencies. 

I was a Muslim for 35 years and accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD & Savior in 2007. I am filled with hope & JOY because I was lost and now I’m found! My husband is now the Pastor of Mission Bible Church in Oklahoma City.

Please check out my book about my testimony for Christ:  “From Isa to Christ: A Muslim Woman’s Search for the Hand of God”


“Reaching Muslims – A Christian’s Guide to Islam”

Both available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N.com, and other major book retailers

Soli Deo Gloria ~ Only for God’s Glory!

#MonaSabahBooks, #MonaSabah, #FromIsatoChrist, #ReachingMuslims


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