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Mona is a professional, dynamic speaker with years of experience speaking for Corporate Businesses around the United States. She can address stereotypes & assumptions held by both Muslims & Christians that get in the way of open dialogue while providing a concrete way to share the Gospel message with respect.


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COST: NO CHARGE for speaking & sharing testimony for churches, but travel and accommodations would be greatly appreciated. Please contact for Key Note Speaker or Conference Speaker fee.


cropped-tripleppt  BOOK: “From Isa to Christ – A Muslim Woman’s Search for the Hand of God”

ISBN: 978-0998637808

Reaching Muslims aqua (1)  BOOK: “Reaching Muslims – A Christian’s Guide to Islam”

ISBN: 978-0998637815

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Have you ever wondered about how to start a conversation about the Gospel with a Muslim?

Did you know that most Muslims do not understand the Quran because Arabic is not their first language?

Did you know that more Muslims are accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior this century than all others combined?

Mona Sabah Earnest was born in the Middle East, and spent her younger years in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Europe and Pakistan. At age 10, she and her family moved to the United States. At age 35, Mona read the chapter of the Quran about Isa Ibn Maryam, or Jesus, the son of Mary. She accepted Christ as her savior, and has made it a mission to speak about the cultural implications of Islam and Christianity to groups across the country. During this event, she’ll share her testimony on growing up Muslim in the US, explore assumptions and beliefs about Islam and Christianity, and stress the importance of sharing the Gospel. The event will also include signings of her book, “From Isa to Christ” and “Reaching Muslims – A Christian’s Guide to Islam.”

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