I wanted to let you know that I started reading your book today and cannot put it down. I started it on the plane back from Chicago this morning where David and I attended an event last night and actually met a Muslim woman who we sat next to for the evening. So it’s interesting to me that I took your book with me on my trip and befriended a Muslim while there! It made reading your book even more captivating. I’m not through it all yet but I got to the part where you and your family were baptized and I just wanted to tell you how moved I was to read that and so honored to read your story. I appreciate how you explain the life of a Muslim and am touched by what all you went through to find Jesus. Thank you for sharing your story and for all you do to spread the Word. I thank God for you, Mona!                            -Jennifer R

I don’t have any idea how many were in church today, let’s just say “a bunch” of us were there to hear Mona Earnest speak.  She was very entertaining and informative and has a “story,” just like we all do, except hers is a little different. 🙂  I’ll do my best to give you a glimpse of what we heard, however, this is one of those times where you really needed to be there.  She might be a little gal in stature, but she has a big heart and a dynamic personality, that comes out loud and clear in her speaking.  She met our own Beverly through Beverly’s daughter…..while she was still Muslim.  She was born and raised in the Middle East she works in the Human Resources field and teaches Management, Leadership and Cultural Diversity.  Her mission statement is: “To be a light for the Kingdom of God by sharing my testimony of faith in my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and by equipping the Church to be an authentic witness to share the Gospel.”  If you’d like to follow her on Facebook, type into your browser ,facebook.com/mona.sabah.earnest.

– Ist Nazarene Church, Bethany [testimonial shortened]

I received some feedback from members of our Group attending Mona’s presentation today. Some folks who (bravely) came to the meeting with some fear and anger issues towards Muslims went away simply awe-struck by what they saw and heard in Mona’s presentation. The icing on the cake was her Muslim guest the expressions of Christian love towards her by those in attendance! So I think we can all take heart in knowing that our God used this entire presentation for His glory.

-Golden Hills Community Church, CA

The following is from Alice (Jewish, attended as a guest):

Mona was amazing! It was so interesting to me, in particular, to learn more about the Muslim faith in this way, and obtain an intimate, one family portrait of how modern, acclimated Muslims conduct their lives. To me, it was very illuminating, and I was better able to understand her choice. She methodically compared her birth religion to Christianity and found the latter to be better, measure for measure.  I was especially interested in hearing how her family of origin reacted to her choice. This is a universal dilemma which presents itself to so many of us within blended families with mixed religious and cultural foundations. Mona’s journey and her presentation of it will continue to give me food for thought, and has opened my heart in so many ways.

  -Trilogy Community Christian Group, CA

Dear, sweet Mona! I have finished your book-could not put it down-it so moved me!…and have just written a letter to my niece to send her with your book! I would so covet your prayers-that she will receive it in the love it is given, that she will read it with an open heart and mind, and that God will use it to remove the blinders from her eyes! I thank you so much for YOUR encouragement… in my keeping this door open and in continuing to pray for her even when I saw no fruit! I know God is faithful and hears our prayers! God is using you in mighty ways!!!        -MBH

I just finished reading your book, Mona. I read several books at once so sometimes takes awhile. Along with your ability to write so well with clarity… way you write grabs the reader and holds on. That said, your zeal, faith, knowledge of the Bible, ability to tell your stories with such surety of God’s love and mission for you and your family. I’ve never read a book so filled with purpose! Thank you for using your gifts from God to write your book. The you I know is most genuine. In other words YOU LIVE YOUR FAITH.I love the way you include humor…several times I laughed out loud.    -Patti G

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Finished your book & it was wonderful! The Lord absolutely led you to write every page. Beautiful, so informative – I learned so much- it’s a MUST read, especially if we want to witness to a Muslim! I’m gonna buy a lot of copies to give out.  TGBTG! I am so proud of you and I boast in Christ for you!!!!                 -Paula B❤❤